The Demise of Granite

What's more popular than granite

It’s funny. At the first of the past several (at least 5) years, I’ve seen articles claiming that granite is “out.” Yet here we are in 2014 with no substantial change in the marketplace.

While I do believe that there will eventually be a bigger, better countertop option to replace the popularity of granite, I’m still waiting for something to step up and replace it. Don’t let these articles sway your decisions just yet.

Here’s what a few of my friends had to say about it on Facebook:

Kevin Cottrell – Granite’s demise has been on the list for some time. Not sure I buy into it either.

Scott Taylor – Granite is here to stay. Only thing I like better is cement

Ryan Hukill – One of the things I find interesting is that these articles usually point to the inconsistencies in granite being the reason it’s “out,” yet that’s one of the main reasons that most of the people I know love it.

Candie Mazzetti Evans – Usually when something is out, something is replacing it….do “they” say what that is?

Suz Backstrom – I don’t think that natural materials are ever “out” per se. They may be more popular some times than others, but really, to suggest that synthetic is more desirable? No way.

Scott Taylor – Yes the inconsistent patterns of the grainy make it look rich and organic

Keli Gillette – Granite is still in for sure. I am also liking bamboo countertops. Seems the only material that is still a no is Formica.

Dan Harris Lovejoy – I can’t picture walking into a house and saying, “You know, it’s great, but those granite countertops…”

Lauri Sheats Rottmayer – I agree. People will want granite. Me, I can’t wait to have concrete countertops!

Cooper Ross – Lauri has a good idea there. Polished concrete does look great.

Matt Richling – Quartz over granite for now for sure. It’s a cleaner look.

Gerald Lee Buckles – The real problem with granite is it does require sealing and polishing. The better it is prepared by the company you buy it from the less of this it requires.

Theresa McMichael Sasser – the designers they are referencing are from FL…being from FL I can agree that the zodiaq they are referencing is very popular in FL (we had it before we moved to OK)…OK homes are very different from FL homes and I love the OK home look much better.

Beth Vrabel Ketchum – I wags adamant about using natural stone when we started building. After much research I’ve decide to use Caesarstone through my house. Our home is modern in design and the Caesarstone or Silestone offer a cleaner contemporary look. Plus there are no harsh sealers or chemicals used in the making of it. It’s a green product. Being on the design business, I’ve found the Midwest is always a little behind current trends.

Beth Vrabel Ketchum – Quartzite and marble off a clean look if one wants a natural product.

Brian Jaggers – Silestone is becoming more popular around here. I’ve seen a lot of honed granite too.

Jennifer Roberts Remerowski – LOVE Cesarstone!!! But if the people in the article say cost is a reason granite is out….have they not seen the cost of Cesarstone? It’s not cheaper! Lol!

Susan Neal – Yep. I keep hearing that granite is out but no one has told the buyers, who all demand granite!

Suzie Hukill – When we replaced countertops 2 years ago I was set on quartz UNTIL I looked at granite and fell for the look of natural stone. None of the quartz I saw at that time came close by comparison in looks. And the price of quartz was only better if compared to the high-end exotic granites. I also thought quartz would require less care/upkeep and it may in some respects, but our granite has been down more than 2 years and hasn’t needed resealing or polishing yet. The previous comment by Gerald about the how well it’s prepared by the company you buy it from must hold true. Ours is holding up just fine. The only extra care I give it is to use trivets or some type of protection when setting a hot pan on it.

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