4 Ways To Warm Up Your Room In A Weekend

With cooler weather not far away its time to start transitioning our rooms from Summer to Fall. Whether you’re selling your home this season or staying put for awhile, the following ideas can be implemented now to create instant style! Try one or all of my favorite tips to make it simple and affordable! Add fresh flowers. Many grocery […]

Mistakes Homesellers Make, Part II

In my last post, I unpacked three of the biggest mistakes home sellers tend to make that affect their showings and open houses. Ready for another slap on the wrist? Read on for three more mistakes people make that sabatoge their showings. 4) Assuming would-be buyers won’t mind the holes in the wall/chipped paint/scuffed baseboards. […]

Mistakes Homesellers Make, Part I

So, you’ve read my other articles on home staging and taken them to heart. You’ve headed the warnings from your Realtor. You’ve watched so many HGTV shows you think its time you get your own. Great! Time to put the sign in the yard and start bringing home boxes and packing peanuts. Not so fast! […]

Do I REALLY Need A Homestager? Part I

If you’re selling your home, you have more than likely heard the term “home stager” mentioned a time or two. According to StagedHomes.com, the average unstaged listing sits on the market for 145 days while a professionally staged listing a mear 29 days. If your Realtor® has suggested bringing in a Home Stager, he or she has done so because […]

The Best Home Improvements To Complete by Tax Season

While there are thousands of things one can do to their home to improve its appearance and funcationality, there are a few improvements you can make now to save big this tax season. Don’t delay, though- many of these incentives expire at then end of 2010. So read on and prepare to save loads of […]

When Rudolph Ruins the Sale

For many homeowners, one of the greatest joys of the year is decorating for the Holidays. Great pride is taken in having the biggest tree, the music-coordinated lights, the animated Christmas characters in the yard. Even having a professionally staged home in the weeks leading up to the Holidays won’t help you if would-be buyers […]

Trend Watch: Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Hardwood?

…Its out there and homeowners and designers alike are loving it! I’ve installed it in a few homes since its debut a few years ago and have claimed it as my favorite flooring material. My reasons? The look of hardwood without the price. The look of hardwood without the maintanance. The easy installation process (gets […]

Anatomy of a Staged Home

In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of a staged home, briefly outlined the things a professional stager will do for your home and even blogged about things you should look for in a professional stager. Still not convinced that this approach to selling a home pays off? You’re probably visual, so here’s hard evidence. […]

Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback! Is It Right For You?

Just when you thought you were done with it. Just when you have finished scraping and peeling the last of it. Now that you have had the entire house faux finished from top to bottom. Wallpaper is back. And its coming for you. (Cue “Jaws” theme music here.) Fear not! This isn’t your 90’s “fruits and […]

What Your Painter Wishes You Knew

Over the years I’ve seen some pretty amazing transformations take place in clients’ homes, largely because of the painters who changed the entire mood of the space with a well-applied change of color. While designers work very hard towards making those transformations occur in a timely manner, at an affordable cost and without hiccups, sometimes the client is their […]