More Goodies for 1st-Time Home Buyers in OK

Several months back I heard someone declare that down-payment assistance programs were dead and we’d never see them again.  Well, apparently, that someone was wrong.

As of the end of this month, there will be about $31M available to first-time home buyers in Oklahoma in the form of special bond money, at 5.83%, and down-payment assistance up to 3.5% of purchase price.

Some are even calling it a modern-day land run. I guess that comparison can be easily drawn, as we’re seeing an already amazing offering (historically-low interest rates, an $8K tax credit, and a market leaning in favor of the buyers) made even better with the availability of this program.

So, if you’re a renter, there may never be a better time to jump into the world of home ownership. For more details on this program, just call or email us, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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  1. I would like more info on this

  2. jackie aniebok says:

    I would like more information. I am seeking to purchases a home but I make too much money so I am not able to get down payment assistance. So I am not sure if I would qualify for the this program but I would still like more information.

    • Trish & Jackie, I've sent you both emails with information on how to pursue this. If you don't receive them, please post something here to let me know. Hopefully we can get you both pointed in the right direction!

  3. I would like more information as well. I've been told that we're not able to get downpayment assistance or a gov't grant because they no longer exist and that my husband also makes too much money. This is the only thing stopping us from buying a house of our own. I'm tired of paying someone else's mortgage and would rather pay my own!

  4. Bernie, our buyer's specialist, Susan Walker, will be sending you an email shortly on how to get started. She knows her stuff, so you're in good hands!!

  5. I am looking and been approved for an FHA loan 5.125, in a household of 5 income @ 32k yr. Do I need to go through my lender? Can I get some information?

  6. Jenn, please check your email.. I've sent you more information!

  7. Ryan,

    Would it be possible to email me any information you have on this? I have a second question and not sure who to ask about this. On the radio during the week, somebody was talking about getting down payment assistance through the city of Edmond. I'm home shopping in Edmond, are there any city-only programs offering assistance for buying homes in Edmond?

  8. I would like more info on this if possible. Such as, it is specific to select counties. We live in Creek County and intend to purchase here and we keep getting told that there is bond money for Tulsa County.

  9. I realize it is about a year after this was posted. Is anything like this available in Edmond at this time?


  10. Frank, thanks for getting in touch with us. If it's OK with you, I'm going to have our buyers specialist, Susan Walker, get in touch with you to catch you up on what's currently available in Edmond. Have a great day!


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