Digital Signatures Celebrated on Earth Day!

If you’re here much, you know that I’m a tech junkie and that I love green initiatives, which is why I’m so heavily involved at OKCMAR. Perhaps you’ve seen my constant (and probably sometimes annoying) push for digital signature legislation over the past couple of years. Whether you have or not, today is an extra-special Earth Day, because up until last week, Oklahoma was the only state in which digital signatures could not be used on real estate contracts. Thanks to some great legislators and a lot of hard work and long hours from many of our local Realtors and affiliates, that’s finally changed!

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, here’s how you and the earth will benefit from this legislation:

  • Buying and selling a house in Oklahoma will now be far easier, much more secure, and WAY more efficient than ever before.
  • The amount of paper and ink that will be saved by this measure will be astounding. In my experience, the average real estate transaction uses about 3/4 to 1 full ream of paper (check out how many homes closed in the metro last month).

Not to mention, it’ll just be cool to sign your contracts on an Ipad, instead of getting writer’s cramp putting pen to paper about 75-150 times. No more printing, signing, faxing back, re-printing, copying, etc.

In recognition of Earth Day, and to celebrate the passing of Senate Bill 0657, the OKCMAR Green Resource Council is hosting an Earth Day Party at Boldt Construction this evening. Come join us!

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