Duct Tape Fixes Everything – Even Moving

Duct Tape MovingI just did what I recommend to all Realtors. I Moved.

Moving gives us a good solid slap-in-the-face reminder of what our clients deal with. It refreshes and restocks the empathy we need for our clients.

In addition to all of that, I picked up a great system for helping speed up the unpacking/organizing headache of the days following moving day, and it’s all about duct tape. Buy lots of it… Lots of different colors and patterns. Have some fun with it! I chose the Superman tape for my little boys, the mustaches for our middle son, and the pickles for the kitchen.

As you’re packing up your old place in anticipation of your new place, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what rooms things will be going to in your new home. Pack according to those rooms, then slap a piece of duct tape on 2 opposing corners of each box, according to which room each box will go to. This way, no matter what side of a box you’re looking at, you know where it goes. More importantly, your helpers (all those friends you bought beer & pizza for) will know which room to take each box to, instead of just stacking them all in random places throughout the house.

Duct tape legendHow to organize your moveDon’t forget to make up a legend for them, so they won’t forget which funky tape goes to which room, or hang a little piece of the relevant tape at each door? We did both, just in case.

Believe me, this will save you A TON of time. Think about it; no more running from room to room looking for “that one box” because all of the boxes for your master bathroom are already in your master bathroom.

OK, now it’s your turn. Share your favorite moving tip below.

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