Edmond Real Estate Market – Inventory Levels

As the guy whose only goal is to get your home sold as quickly as possible and for the highest price, being plugged into up-to-date market data is critically important. It’s amazing how quickly the market ebbs and flows, so when you ask me today what the market’s doing, you’ll often get a very different answer than you got just a week ago.

As an example, check out the “supply level” of the Edmond area, and how it’s changed from month-to-month over the past year:

The numbers you see on the left edge of this graph are based on what we call “absorption rate,” which is simply comparing the pace of home sales this past month with the number of homes currently on the market. If no more homes hit the market going forward, and the pace of sales remained the same, it would take X months to sell off all of our inventory.

This data is crucial in determining how competitively we need to price your home to achieve your desired timeline. When that number spikes higher, how do you think that affects your position in the market? Supply and demand dictates how much we will get for your home. Clear as mud, right?

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