Too HOT to Run?

Edmond Oklahoma Running ClubI would imagine that many of you are ready to start a 5K or marathon training program this fall. I know that many of you have been discouraged to run or exercise in this Oklahoma Heat! You may have tried to find another way to cross train? I read on Twitter that some people have enjoyed swimming, cycling, zumba, or yoga? One of these days, I would like to attend a yoga class or a spin class. I have found these great programs to help me get started with running:

  1. Get Jeff Galloway’s marathon training program on web or books. Follow @jeffgalloway
  2. Go local and train with the Oklahoma City Running Club’s Landrunner’s training program.

I cannot think of better way to encourage a friend on Twitter who is about to tackle his or her first 5K or marathon. I feel lucky to have run in more than 26- 5ks & a full marathon in 2010. I have to say thanks for all of the kind tweets of support! For me personally, this year: I have found that I love to encourage as much as I love to run. If you are on a trail run, race, or a marathon; you will not believe what one word of encouragement can do to another! Last May at the 11th Annual OKC marathon, I received many encouraging words by many runners that I tweeted with. It was cool! There were great comments that stood out and really made me feel so good. I remember: one tweet said, “Run your race!” I found that Twitter has helped me locate many upcoming races with the ease of my smart phone. I can look up a race, enter, run, and tweet about it. I want to wish all of you the best of luck with your running dreams and goals. I always begin my running for the fall season with a new goal. I’m excited to see all of you running on Twitter, running at the lakes or the trails, running in 50 states, including the beautiful state of Oklahoma.

Gotta run!

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