Home Maintenance #10 – Rake or Blow Leaves

It’s likely that you, like many, don’t think of raking and blowing leaves as home maintenance, but around here all but the hardiest of leaves have left their branches and created unsightly, and potentially damaging, piles of waste up against your foundation.

These piles can cause you problems down the road because they increase the chances of mold growing onto or into your home, and allow easier access for bugs (termites anyone?) into the structure and/or interior of your home.

Let’s turn a potential negative into a positive. Did you know that these fallen leaves contain tons of carbon? When added to those lawn clippings you saved from last summer (you did save them, didn’t you?), they make an incredibly rich compost for your soil next Spring. Here’s some info on composting that may help:

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  1. Leaves are always a pain to clean up. Not only do you have to clean the yard of leaves but also the gutter. Another troublesome spot is the culverts. Sometimes they get bunch up in there and plug everything up.