How Do I Know If Realtor® XYZ Really Gets Results?

Top Producer awards for RealtorsIf you’ve talked with many real estate agents, you’ve already found that there’s no shortage of “Best of” and “Top Producer” claims, but statistics & awards mean nothing if they’re not results-based. Truth is, the vast majority of those titles aren’t certified in any way, so how can you really tell who gets the job done and who just claims they do?

When you’re looking for a great listing agent, one of the best ways is to ask each agent to provide PROOF of their results. They can show you reports, live in the MLS, which track how many homes they’ve listed, how many of those sold, how long they took to sell, and how close to the list price they sold.

REMINDER: Be sure they show you their EXPIRED listings also, not just the ones that sold.

With information like that, you can make an informed decision about whether you want an agent who works with more buyers than sellers, an agent who lists a ton of homes every year and sells 50% to 75% of them, or an agent who specializes in listing and marketing and sells 100% of their listings.

Insist that they pull up their statistics live in the MLS while they’re sitting with you, so you can be sure they’re only pulling up their listings, and not their buyer-side sales. If an agent is reluctant to do so, you should probably run. FAST!

We believe in giving you real data to base your decisions on, so when we meet with you, we’ll be happy to pull up live reports. In the meantime, you can review the reports we ran on October 1st, 2014:

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