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When you see as many homes as we do, it becomes less common each year for us to stumble across a home feature which really impresses us, so when we do, it’s totally worthy of a feature, don’t you think?

How about an underground storm shelter, but not just any underground storm shelter. Why not put it under the house, with a hidden access door in the kitchen island? Yep, it’s rather Scooby-Doo-esq, but what better room than the kitchen to be closest to in such situations?

We’re told that this particular kitchen storm shelter was designed and built by GFS Storm Shelters. Check them out!

Kitchen Storm Shelter - Kitchen Island with trap door to underground storm/tornado shelter

FYI, if you’re in Central Oklahoma, be sure to check out our storm shelter location & registry page, and be safe out there!

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  1. Recia Garcia says:

    I love the “idea” of the entrance being that close/in the kitchen. Two questions, how can access be made more functional if you elders in the home that may not be able to stoop low enough to get under the counter (the last time my in-laws used their shelter–grandmother was “visiting”. Second, does an interior shelter entrance like this need a second egress.? What if the house collapses on top of this entrance?
    Love that you are featuring special ideas for homes!

    • Recia, you bring up some great questions. I, like you, have certain reservations about the functionality of this particular setup, but loved the idea of having it indoors, rather than outside. There was no additional entrance or exit in this particular shelter, and I’ve often thought the same thing about these, even when they’re installed in the garage. What if a car or the collapsed structure blocked you in? This is why I always stress to our clients to REGISTER their shelters, so that emergency crews can find them if they were to be trapped. Here’s a little information on shelter registration: http://www.showmeokc.com/okc-metro-storm-shelter-edmond-piedmond-moore-norman-yukon

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you liked the feature!

  2. i love this idea and to comment on helping elderly and disabled people .m ygrandma has a storm shelter and when she go to old to take the starirs pap made a makeshift slide for emergencys which was also good for transporting food down. this design would be nice but i would put hinges under the countertop and some support system for keeping it up

  3. Duard Lee says:

    I love the idea, but hate the functionality of it. Their needs to be another exit if this is the entrance. Your house falls in on you, then I would hope lots of folks know you could be trapped down there.