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paseo grillPaseo Grill was certainly not what I expected. Being in the Paseo district and having such a simple, casual-sounding name, I was picturing a small artsy cafe or something of the like. Paseo Grill turned out to be far more upscale than I had been imagining. Dim lighting, high booths that give a very private feel, and a large and beautifully decorated bar (which ShowMeOKCdawn admitted to wanting in her own home), all gave the restaurant a somewhat “fancy” ambiance.

The food most definitely fit in with the rest of what I had seen so far. Service was great and the young lady taking care of us described the daily special in a way that it was pretty much impossible to say no to. This is possibly why both ShowMeOKCryan and myself ended up having a surf’n’turf style lunch; fresh lump crab meat served on top of tender steak medallions and served with a side of perfectly cooked asparagus drizzled with a savory sauce that I just could not get enough of.paseo creme

For some reason unbeknownst to us, ShowMeOKCryan and I both ordered a cup of mushroom soup to start, despite the fact that neither one of us are big fans of soup. Oh man, am I glad I gave in to that random urge for soup. This was literally the best soup I have ever had in my life. I would return to Paseo Grill for this soup alone. Okay…maybe not just the soup. I think I would have to return for the crème brûlée as well. On my budget, these are probably the only two things I could order without a major guilt trip anyway, because, while this place was one of my favorites we have visited so far, it was on the pricier side of our usual lunch outing destinations.

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