Home Maintenance #8 – Programmable Thermostats

Consider replacing traditional thermostats with programmable ones. According to ENERGY STAR, the average household spends $2,200 a year on energy bills and could save $180 a year by using a programmable thermostat to maintain proper heating and cooling settings. Seems like a no-brainer to spend a couple hundred dollars to save that same amount every […]

Home Maintenance #7 – Weatherstripping

In Oklahoma, it’s generally pretty easy to tell if your home is drafty, but even if you don’t feel drafts, you could still be wasting energy. Try this quick test: Close one of your outside doors on a sheet of paper. If the paper pulls out fairly easily and doesn’t tear, you’re likely losing energy. […]

Home Maintenance #5 – Hot Water

It may seem like a no-brainer, but when it’s cold outside, your hot water heater has to work harder to heat your water. It also has to re-heat it more often, but did you know that you may be able to boost your water heater’s efficiency by simply wrapping it in a thermal blanket? According […]

Digital Signatures Celebrated on Earth Day!

If you’re here much, you know that I’m a tech junkie and that I love green initiatives, which is why I’m so heavily involved at OKCMAR. Perhaps you’ve seen my constant (and probably sometimes annoying) push for digital signature legislation over the past couple of years. Whether you have or not, today is an extra-special […]

The Best Home Improvements To Complete by Tax Season

While there are thousands of things one can do to their home to improve its appearance and funcationality, there are a few improvements you can make now to save big this tax season. Don’t delay, though- many of these incentives expire at then end of 2010. So read on and prepare to save loads of […]

Compact Living

It’s not a new concept, at least for those who’ve lived overseas, but it seems to be a growing trend here in the U.S. these days. Conserving space and expenses is a pretty foreign thought process for most of us who’ve spent our lives living “the Oklahoma way,” but could it be the future, as […]

What's "Green" Mean to You?

Since I represent one of the few truly green home builders in the OKC metro, and I’m involved with OKCMAR’s new Green Resource Council, I’m learning every day that ‘GREEN’ means many different things to many different people. To some, it means minimalistic living and re-use of everything possible. To others, it means energy efficiency […]

Green Shingles on Your Home?

Green building and/or improvements is one of the biggest waves I see these days in real estate, so it’s fun to read about what’s out there and what’s coming in the future. I remember growing up (70’s & 80’s), seeing a few select homes in our neighborhood with those huge solar panels attached to the […]

Tax Credits for Renewable Energy Upgrades

High-tech renewable home energy features are a big topic these days, and if you’re thinking about upgrading any of your homes systems, some of these options may pay you back for a portion of your expenses, via tax credits. “My wife read about it and said, ‘We’ve been talking about doing [solar upgrades] long enough. […]

Home Owner Tax Credits!!

With summer coming in Oklahoma, you may be thinking about upgrading your home’s HVAC system.  If so, be sure you check out the tax credit you may qualify for if you do it right. There’s never been a better time to invest in energy-conserving upgrades to your house–that’s the word from the White House. And […]