Oklahoma City Remembers

April 19th, 1995. It’s one of those days that sticks in your soul forever; especially for those of us who have called Oklahoma City home for at least a couple of decades. We all remember vividly where we were and what we were doing when it happened. Most of us felt the concussion, no matter […]

#okcW3 – Historic Film Row of Downtown Oklahoma City

We had a lot of fun digging in to research and create the latest okcW3 video, highlighting a groovy little district of town that many folks don’t seem to know much about. Check it…

Way More than OK: Respect from San Antonio

During the playoffs, it’s easy (too easy) to get caught up in trash talk about teams, fans, facilities, and cities, so it’s nice to see a writer who looks deeper and enlightens others. As a life-long Okie, it’s even nicer to see the recognition that our great city gets for being a progressive leader in […]

The Devon Tower Built in 93 Seconds

One of the things that brings me great joy is watching as great local peeps document a lot of the coolness happening in Oklahoma City. This video, highlighting the construction of the Devon Tower in time-lapse style, is an incredible example:

History of Oklahoma City Sheraton Hotel

It’s always interesting to hear about the history of our city, especially from those with firsthand experience/knowledge, like Steve Lackmeyer. In a recent article, he highlighted his memories of Oklahoma City’s Sheraton Hotel: My sister and I had the run of the hotel that first week of January 1977. We were just kids — our […]

Automobile Alley Pre-Urban Renewal

With all of the changes that have taken place in Downtown Oklahoma City over the past decade, not to mention the past 70 years, it’s easy to let your imagination lead you down the path of wondering what it was like before our time. That’s why I enjoy articles, pictures, videos, and memorabilia that document […]

History of OKC's Paseo District

We told you a little while back about the Paseo District’s honors as one of America’s 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2010, but how much do most of us really know about this little jewel within Oklahoma City, especially the history behind it? Well, thanks to NewsOK, we get to share a little bit of that […]

Ever Trade a Bar Tab for a 6' Pig?

This guy has! It’s always fun to hear the stories of the who, what, why, where and how of the various attractions, former and present, around the Oklahoma City metro. Do you have memories of Hollie’s Drive-in or Hollie’s ’50s & ’60s Club & Diner? Tell us about them! [where: Oklahoma City, OK]

Bricktown Area – Now and Then

Steve Lackmeyer of the Oklahoman just put together a very cool video about the history of Bricktown and the surrounding area. Call me a geek, but I kind of enjoy hearing about what used to be and how we got to where we are, as well as where we could be going. Enjoy! [where: Oklahoma […]