Home Maintenance #4 – Guttering

Gutters and downspouts are no place for leaves, pine straw and other debris, but that’s usually right where they end up. Homes in wooded areas or with large trees nearby are particularly vulnerable, but it’s important to regularly check gutters and downspouts no matter where you live. Gutters that are clogged will hold water, and […]

Home Maintenance #3 – Your Sprinkler

With Old-man Winter knocking at the door, it’s time to get things around your house ready for the cold. One part of this equation that’s often overlooked is getting your in-ground sprinkler system properly drained. Water left in the lines will expand as temperatures drop to freezing levels and can cause your pipes to burst. […]

Home Maintenance #2 – Your Chimney

Chimneys are one of those parts of a home that many people overlook and maybe even neglect. This time of year is typically an ideal time to inspect your chimney, but in light of the recent earthquakes that we’ve been experiencing here in Oklahoma, I’d HIGHLY recommend that you check yours out, to be sure […]

Home Maintenance #1 – Window Blinds

Window blinds are probably one of the more underrated and forgotten features of your home, and replacing the damaged ones can benefit you more than you might imagine. Blinds pretty much have two settings; opened and closed. If yours only have one setting, open OR closed, then it’s time for “out with the old and […]

4 Ways To Warm Up Your Room In A Weekend

With cooler weather not far away its time to start transitioning our rooms from Summer to Fall. Whether you’re selling your home this season or staying put for awhile, the following ideas can be implemented now to create instant style! Try one or all of my favorite tips to make it simple and affordable! Add fresh flowers. Many grocery […]

Induction, The Future of Cooking with Roger Shollmier

Saving money on the utility bills is always welcomed in our home, and cooking is one of my wife’s favorite things, so sitting down with Roger Shollmier recently, and talking about how he cooks was a pleasure. When it comes to cooking quicker and more efficiently, Induction Cooking may be the way to go. Find […]

The Galley Sink by Roger Shollmier

Last week, you got to see a great video about useful, functional kitchen design concepts, but wait until you see the Galley Sink. This hot new sink will blow your mind with ideas of how efficient and useful your kitchen space could actually be. Imagine having a huge sink that you can prep, cook, clean, […]

Let’s Talk Kitchen Design With Roger Shollmier

As an active listing Realtor, I’m constantly reminded of just how important the kitchen is to a home’s value. Afterall, it has become THE most popular room in the home, and the hub of the family’s living. I recently had the chance to visit with Roger Shollmier, owner of KitchenDesign.com and creator of the Galley […]

Great Local Invention – The Pool Hydrant

Ever see an invention and think “Duh, why didn’t someone think of that sooner?” I had one of those moments today when I stumbled across The Pool Hydrant, a seemingly simple device designed to pump the water from your pool through a fire hose if you’re ever caught in a situation with grass fires threatening […]

Homeowners, Were You Overtaxed?

If you own property in Oklahoma County, you’ll want to take note of this one! There’s a big debate centered around the amount being charged for property taxes in OK Co, and they say you only have 20 days to appeal them. If you feel like you might be one of the home owners who […]