Our Mesta Park Listing Highlighted on the TODAY Show

Most of you probably saw our numerous posts yesterday and this morning, promoting the upcoming showing of our gorgeous Mesta Park listing on the TODAY Show. Many of us were holding our breath, not knowing whether Barbara Corcoran would love our home or pick it apart 🙂 Well, if you missed it, take a look […]

See OKC Represented on the TODAY Show, Tomorrow

If you’re a regular watcher of the TODAY Show, you’ve no doubt seen Barbara Corcoran’s segment about what you can buy for _________ across the country. If you never have, tomorrow morning would be a good time to make an exception. You see, our great city will be represented tomorrow by our fabulous listing in […]

High Honors from the Honorable…

The Oklahoman’s Real Estate Editor, Richard Mize, just kicked off a great new blog titled “OK Property Lines.” That was excitement enough for me and my fellow RE geeks, but to see that only his 4th post was giving big props to this very site, which we put a ton of time & energy into, […]

Curb Appeal is King

Trey Bowden, of Edmond Sun fame, recently asked me for a short list of the most important exterior details to emphasize when prepping a home for sale. While I’m a firm believer that every little details counts, here are what I’d call the big 3.

Social Media Catching On in Central OK

As my family, friends and clients know all too well, I’m heavy into the new age of business. Social media is transforming the way we all connect and interact, and as a result, my real estate business is ‘just a bit’ different from my competitors’.  In fact, almost 100% of my company’s income this year […]

More Goodies for 1st-Time Home Buyers in OK

Several months back I heard someone declare that down-payment assistance programs were dead and we’d never see them again.  Well, apparently, that someone was wrong. As of the end of this month, there will be about $31M available to first-time home buyers in Oklahoma in the form of special bond money, at 5.83%, and down-payment […]

Building, Showing & Selling Delayed

In annual fashion, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the majority of the rest of the state have been blanketed with ice over the past couple of days and, as Richard Mize pointed out in his column this morning, it’s affecting more than just the rush-hour commute. Read the entire story to see quotes from Jeff Click, […]

10 Days Late… Catching Up

Who says that things have slowed on the Edmond Real Estate scene? Richard Mize finished up my thoughts well over a week ago, and I’m just now getting time to post it here.  I guess you could say I’m happy that my outlook is proving true so far… Enjoy!

Roller Coaster, Anyone?

I was recently asked by the Oklahoman about my outlook for the Edmond real estate market in 2009… Let’s call it optimistic. The fact is, our local market has been strong and stable, and has only recently begun experiencing a softening, a decline, whatever you choose to call it. Unless you live in a cave, […]

4.5% Mortgage Rates in Edmond… Who's Buying?

It’s funny how things turn out some days.  Monday afternoon, I was sitting at the closing table with a young professional couple who’d qualified for a 4.5% fixed-rate on a new 30-year mortgage.  As most of you know, I like to keep everyone up-to-date on the where, when & how of my day, via Twitter, […]