OKC “Real Estate Is Ripe For A Rebound”

Once again, our wonderful Oklahoma City metro is being trumpeted by Forbes.com as one of the top 10 in the realm of real estate and, again, this comes as no surprise to me, being that I live & breathe real estate in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and throughout the metro. These types of stories do seem […]

OKC’s Report Card on Economic Security

Report card time’s always a little unnerving isn’t it? Will I be at the top, the bottom, or somewhere around average? What grade do you think our great city would earn? Better question; would you be at all surprised to find out that Oklahoma City got an A+ and ranked first out of the Top […]

OKC, It’s Been a Pretty Good Year

One of my favorite pastimes is showing off the awesomeness that is the Oklahoma City metro, but I’m not talented enough to pull off something like this. I’ll leave it to people who were gifted with a voice that doesn’t make wildlife run & hide. But I’d have to agree, “We haven’t peaked yet… the […]

OKC – Best Place for Military Retirees

According to a recent USATODAY.com article, Oklahoma City is the best place for former soldiers to find civilian careers. The article states, “as the Iraq War winds down by year’s end, tens of thousands of servicemembers are expected to return home, and many will seek second careers amid a sluggish economy and 9% unemployment.” That […]

OKC, One of the Best Cities for Starting Over

The strength of the Oklahoma City economy, and the combination of solid incomes, low cost-of-living, and low unemployment rates continue to get our great city noticed, but did you know that these, plus a couple of other factors, put us in the Top 25 of Best Cities for Starting Over? Sometimes, especially in a tough […]

OKC Among 100 Best Communities…

  More props for our great city; The America’s Promise Alliance recognizes Oklahoma City as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People. Here’s a short excerpt from their website: This is Oklahoma City’s fifth time on the 100 Best Communities for Young People list. Oklahoma City’s variety of programs to help build the […]

Our Renaissance: New Energy Downtown

Martha Burger, Senior VP of HR at Chesapeake Energy talks about some of the great things in OKC that help attract great talent to our area, such as Deep Deuce and Bricktown:

Desmond Mason’s Take on OKC Real Estate

It’s not tough to find people bragging about Oklahoma City’s housing market these days. Desmond Mason shares his insight to the great opportunities that the Central Oklahoma real estate market offers:

OKC Metro Real Estate Value Gains – Top 3 in the US!

We’re taking another chance to brag about our amazing metro area? You bet! You probably saw earlier this week that CNBC ranked Edmond as the best suburb in America, now add to that the Top 3 ranking the OKC metro just received in terms of real estate value gains by Inman & Zillow, and you’ve […]

Edmond, Oklahoma – America’s #1 Suburb

Here’s a fun one! Our fab metro makes the top 10 in lots of great lists ranking housing, economy, employment, and such, but did you know that Edmond not only made the Top 10, but actually nabbed the #1 spot on CNBC’s list of 10 Perfect Suburbs?! According to their site, they ranked the suburbs […]