Coffee Creek Golf Course Closing

Find out more about the closing of Edmond’s coffee creek golf course

Oklahoma Education, Spending the Least – Good or Bad?

For the champions and opponents of Oklahoma education, here’s one for discussion. According to USA Today, Oklahoma now leads the country in lowest education spending. Does lowest cost per pupil automatically put us at the bottom for quality of education, or does it mean that we’re getting more bang for our buck?

The Arcadia Lake Trail Project – Your Thoughts?

From what I hear, the Edmond City Council meeting this evening will address several bike-friendly measures which are being met with a great deal of anticipation. While I couldn’t be there myself, I look forward to hearing more about this overdue movement, and am sure I will, as many of my friends are heavy into […]

Today is Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is TODAY! What does that mean? It simply means that while you’re out shopping today, please give careful consideration to where you spend your money and try hard to spend it in your locally-owned stores, restaurants, etc. Even the local Chambers of Commerce are on board with this movement to help support […]

Homeowners, Were You Overtaxed?

If you own property in Oklahoma County, you’ll want to take note of this one! There’s a big debate centered around the amount being charged for property taxes in OK Co, and they say you only have 20 days to appeal them. If you feel like you might be one of the home owners who […]

Homeowners, Contractors and Liens (HB2000)

Oklahoma House Bill 2000 has reportedly been shot down, before even making it to the House floor. I’d love to get your input on this bill after you read the details of the bill as it was written, here.

How Can I Help the Flood Victims??

Sometimes we want to help, but we either don’t know how, or we can’t help in the ways being asked. Well, if you’re not able to help by physically being in the neighborhoods and doing the heavy lifting, YOU CAN STILL MAKE A HUGE IMPACT! Have you just finished a garage sale and didn’t get […]

Home Buyers Help is Official – Get Going!

I told you the other day that the Tax Credit extension and modification had passed Congress and was headed to President Obama’s desk for signature. Now I’m excited to post that IT’S OFFICIAL… Obama has signed the bill into law and it’s time to get moving if you plan to take advantage! Call or email […]

MAPS 3 Vote Coming Up Dec 8th

One of the big topics that’s coming up at about every meeting I’ve attended lately is the upcoming vote on whether to extend the current one-cent sales tax to keep the MAPS projects going. IMO, you’d be hard pressed to point to any negatives from the MAPS projects that have already been carried out. Our […]

Is Your Equity Being Stolen via Legislation?

Ask anyone what home values across the country are doing and you’ll get mixed responses, based solely on what locale each person is familiar with. Seems pretty obvious, right? Truth is, it’s obvious to everyone except those enforcing broad-sweeping change to appraisal guidelines (HVCC), and Richard Mize has pointed out – in grand fashion – […]