More Goodies for 1st-Time Home Buyers in OK

Several months back I heard someone declare that down-payment assistance programs were dead and we’d never see them again.  Well, apparently, that someone was wrong. As of the end of this month, there will be about $31M available to first-time home buyers in Oklahoma in the form of special bond money, at 5.83%, and down-payment […]

Lexington & Other Neighborhoods Fighting 3-Story Apartment Complex in SW Edmond

If you’re a homeowner in the SW section of Edmond, you’ve probably already heard all the fuss, but if not, you need to pay attention now! The Lexington neighborhood, located on NW 164th, between Western and Santa Fe is organizing as many home owners as possible to help in a fight against the development of […]

Jobless Rates Stand Out in Central Oklahoma

Without complete exception to any negative news, we continue to see very strong economic indicators in our local market.  According to a new article published @, our jobless rate is one of the lowest in the country, and of course, it’s partly credited to our stronger-than-average real estate market: The state’s employment numbers also […]

Building, Showing & Selling Delayed

In annual fashion, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the majority of the rest of the state have been blanketed with ice over the past couple of days and, as Richard Mize pointed out in his column this morning, it’s affecting more than just the rush-hour commute. Read the entire story to see quotes from Jeff Click, […]

Edmond PSC – Not If or How, Rather Where

You may remember all the buzz in October and November about Edmond’s proposed Public Safety Center.  It seemed at the time that most of the opposition to this proposal lied in how the project would be funded, therefore it failed in grand fashion when it was put to a vote on November 4th. However, according […]

Edmond Safety Center Voted Down – Why?

As we all know by now, the citizens of Edmond voted a resounding ‘NO’ to the proposed Edmond Public Safety Center on November 4th.  A recent study was released which evaluates why the proposition failed and, of course, the funding mechanism was the biggest issue, as I predicted it would be. It appears to me […]

'Keep Edmond Safe?'

As election day draws nearer, more and more people are choosing sides on the proposed Public Safety Center in Edmond, which is great. I think this issue has had good press and many people have become very aware of the issues at hand. However, I’ve noticed something over the past week or so that disturbs […]

Your Vote is National AND Local

As Tuesday’s election draws nearer, there’s more and more discussion about how to vote, and why one candidate is better than the other.  The important thing about voting is knowing who/what you’re voting for/against.  Keeping an open dialogue with other people, whether they agree or disagree with your views, is the only way to truly […]

The Straightforward Approach to the OKC Market

Unless you’ve been living in a hole, and not talking to anyone at all, you’re probably in a panic about the sky falling.  Sure, there’s a LOT going on out there to be concerned about, and if we all dig in and think about the ‘what ifs’ it’d be easy to just stay in bed […]

For or Against Higher Property Taxes in Edmond??

I wrote back in March about a proposed increase of our property taxes in Edmond and wanted to share with everyone here that there will be a public forum on this topic tonight.  Please read the following: For Immediate Release Chitwood Neighborhood Alliance Offers Public Information Forum Edmond, OK – A public forum on the […]