Why Home Staging?

Homes for sale in Sonoma Lake of Edmond, Oklahoma

One of the most common questions I get from potential home sellers is “Why Home Staging?” Understandably, many folks don’t really understand what home staging is, and as a result, they don’t understand why it’s important or what the result is. My friend, Laurel Miller Starks, recently posted an eye-opening visual answer to the question, […]

How Do I Know If Realtor® XYZ Really Gets Results?

Top Producer awards for Realtors

If you’ve talked with many real estate agents, you’ve already found that there’s no shortage of “Best of” and “Top Producer” claims, but statistics & awards mean nothing if they’re not results-based. Truth is, the vast majority of those titles aren’t certified in any way, so how can you really tell who gets the job […]

Duct Tape Fixes Everything – Even Moving

Duct Tape Moving

I just did what I recommend to all Realtors. I Moved. Moving gives us a good solid slap-in-the-face reminder of what our clients deal with. It refreshes and restocks the empathy we need for our clients. In addition to all of that, I picked up a great system for helping speed up the unpacking/organizing headache […]

Our Mesta Park Listing Highlighted on the TODAY Show

Historical Homes for Sale in Mesta Park, Oklahoma City

Most of you probably saw our numerous posts yesterday and this morning, promoting the upcoming showing of our gorgeous Mesta Park listing on the TODAY Show. Many of us were holding our breath, not knowing whether Barbara Corcoran would love our home or pick it apart Well, if you missed it, take a look and […]

See OKC Represented on the TODAY Show, Tomorrow

Historical Homes for Sale in Mesta Park, Oklahoma City

If you’re a regular watcher of the TODAY Show, you’ve no doubt seen Barbara Corcoran’s segment about what you can buy for _________ across the country. If you never have, tomorrow morning would be a good time to make an exception. You see, our great city will be represented tomorrow by our fabulous listing in […]

Great Real Estate Photography – A Listing Agent’s Responsibility

Oakdale homes for sale

One of my colleagues, another local agent, brought up an interesting conversation on Facebook earlier today, and since I‘m always up for the opportunity to educate others on something I believe in, here we go. She said: “OK for all you realtors using this fancy new photography!-It is an illusion and it makes the house look […]

Homebuying: Fall is the new spring

Should I wait until spring to list my house?

It’s a funny thing; usually by early August, home sales have slowed dramatically because the “Summer rush” is over and people’s thoughts are shifting from home-buying to back-to-school, the upcoming Holiday season, etc. This year, however, has been out of the ordinary. This article from Fox Business makes some good points as to why selling […]

Don’t Let Those Wacky Weeds Choke Out Your Sale!

cut the grass

As I was driving around town this afternoon, checking in on a few of my vacant listings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a cartoon from my childhood. I don’t know why this particular cartoon has stuck in my memory for all these years, but it has nonetheless. Yes, it’s that time of year […]

Flat-fee Listings – Good Deal or Not?

Edmond OK FSBO Flat-fee listings

Here’s another prime example of how a flat-fee listing (or FSBO) can cost you big. It pays to have an experienced, connected professional Realtor® on your side. I did a flat fee MLS listing. A realtor came and looked at my house. He liked it and said he wanted to buy it for himself. We […]

Home Video Tours – Your Thoughts?

Video home tours edmond oklahoma

We’re trying a different approach than most, to online home tours. From a consumer perspective, what do you like and dislike about this approach? What’s it lacking? How could it be improved, to be more useful to you if you were in the market for a new home? C’mon, be brutally honest!