Don’t Let Those Wacky Weeds Choke Out Your Sale!

As I was driving around town this afternoon, checking in on a few of my vacant listings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a cartoon from my childhood. I don’t know why this particular cartoon has stuck in my memory for all these years, but it has nonetheless. Yes, it’s that time of year […]

Flat-fee Listings – Good Deal or Not?

Here’s another prime example of how a flat-fee listing (or FSBO) can cost you big. It pays to have an experienced, connected professional Realtor® on your side. I did a flat fee MLS listing. A realtor came and looked at my house. He liked it and said he wanted to buy it for himself. We […]

Home Video Tours – Your Thoughts?

We’re trying a different approach than most, to online home tours. From a consumer perspective, what do you like and dislike about this approach? What’s it lacking? How could it be improved, to be more useful to you if you were in the market for a new home? C’mon, be brutally honest!

4 Ways To Warm Up Your Room In A Weekend

With cooler weather not far away its time to start transitioning our rooms from Summer to Fall. Whether you’re selling your home this season or staying put for awhile, the following ideas can be implemented now to create instant style! Try one or all of my favorite tips to make it simple and affordable! Add fresh flowers. Many grocery […]

Mistakes Homesellers Make, Part II

In my last post, I unpacked three of the biggest mistakes home sellers tend to make that affect their showings and open houses. Ready for another slap on the wrist? Read on for three more mistakes people make that sabatoge their showings. 4) Assuming would-be buyers won’t mind the holes in the wall/chipped paint/scuffed baseboards. […]

10 House-Selling Secrets

As our resident home stager, Jennifer Hicks will tell you, there’s more to staging than just “decorating.” The goal with staging is to help potential buyers visualize what could be and get a good feeling about “the flow” of your home. A recent article, 10 house-selling secrets – Secrets of a house stager reinforces […]

Price Your Home Correctly – I DARE YOU!

Meeting with home sellers in the Edmond and Oklahoma city area almost daily, I have a lot of long discussions about overpriced listings. I even have this discussion with A LOT of local agents, whether seasoned veterans, or newbies. Why is this such a frequent topic? Well, it’s simple… Overpricing a home is absolutely the […]

Mistakes Homesellers Make, Part I

So, you’ve read my other articles on home staging and taken them to heart. You’ve headed the warnings from your Realtor. You’ve watched so many HGTV shows you think its time you get your own. Great! Time to put the sign in the yard and start bringing home boxes and packing peanuts. Not so fast! […]

Selling Your Home – The Good and the Bad

Let’s be honest; to say the past 6 months (or more) as a listing agent in the Oklahoma City metro has been sketchy and unpredictable would be grossly understating reality. In turn, this means that being a home seller in Central Oklahoma has been, well, sketchy and unpredictable. The numbers (the statistics) don’t lie. We’ve […]

5 States Where Housing Is Predicted to Recover the Quickest

Wondering about the housing market in Oklahoma? Most people around here are these days, but would you have guessed that Oklahoma is among the 5 States Where Housing Is Predicted to Recover the Quickest? Oklahoma. Home prices in the Sooner State fell just 2.3% from peak to trough and mortgage delinquencies are 2.9%. Unemployment is […]