Local Economy on the Rebound?

I stumbled across an interesting article from CNNMoney.com this morning, which outlines what some believe to be the 3 signs the economy is rebounding. I can’t speak to the first and third points in the article, but I thought this would be a good time to brag (again) about what’s happening locally and tie it […]

The Latest In Edmond/OKC Home Sales

The April real estate statistics were just published for the OKC, Edmond, and surrounding areas and, while they weren’t as exciting as I’d expected, there are still a lot of positives in these numbers. With the flurry of activity we’ve seen over the past 4-6 weeks though, I’m still betting that May closings will give […]

Oklahoma and Region Set The Bar

Need more evidence of the strength of the housing market in Oklahoma? I regularly post our local Central Oklahoma real estate statistics here to keep you informed, and they’re quite contrary to what you’ll hear if you watch the national news, but the Federal Housing Finance Agency just published the U.S. Monthly House Price Index, […]

US Census Shows Americans Moving Less

According to a report just released by the US Census Bureau, Americans are moving less now than any time in the past 60 years! While I believe this to be a temporary thing until the economy recovers, it’s interesting to see the statistical data on this change in behavior.

OKC Median Home Prices – How Do We Compare?

Realtor.org recently published a nifty little map that displays median home sales prices in different metro areas around the country.  It’s kind of interesting to see how the Oklahoma City metro area really stacks up against other metros, from an affordability standpoint.  See for yourself: View Metropolitan Sales Areas in a larger map

Oklahoma City Real Estate Statistics

I’m a stats-junky, and I know I have more than a few like-minded folks who frequently scan these pages. In my opinion, one of the most important things a Realtor can do is stay knowledgeable about the market he/she works in.  After all, we’re here to guide and advise, and how can anyone possibly do […]

Why Live in Edmond??

I posted a while back about Edmond’s ranking among Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live, but after a friend brought the list to my attention again over the weekend, I took a deeper look at some of the statistical information that went into why Edmond made the list. I found a few things, […]

Roller Coaster, Anyone?

I was recently asked by the Oklahoman about my outlook for the Edmond real estate market in 2009… Let’s call it optimistic. The fact is, our local market has been strong and stable, and has only recently begun experiencing a softening, a decline, whatever you choose to call it. Unless you live in a cave, […]

Edmond Home Sales $400-500K – October

Edmond Oct 08 400K Originally uploaded by rhukill The chart on the right (click to enlarge) represents October home sales in Edmond, specifically for homes that sold between $400-500K. The light blue section represents existing home sales in Edmond, while the darker blue section outlines new construction sales in Edmond. Each of these segments is […]

Edmond Home Sales $300-400K – October

Time for part 3 of the October home sales statistics for Edmond, OK. I used to just publish overall numbers, but I get much more specific questions these days from Edmond home builders, and home buyers, and it’s been enlightening to see exactly which price segments are being hardest hit by the current slowdown. Here’s […]