Summit Sports Complex in Edmond, Oklahoma – 3D Video Rendering

Summit Sports Complex in Edmond, Oklahoma

Maybe you heard about plans to build a massive sports complex in Edmond in 2015, near I-35 and Covell Rd. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, this 3D video rendering is impressive. What a great addition this will be to our strong sports culture here in Central Oklahoma!

Call Him KD – Music Video

Music Parody Video of Kevin Durant

More love for our Oklahoma City Thunder’s superstar, Kevin Durant! Pretty solid writing.

Beard Like Harden Parody

Beard Like Harden Youtube video

There’ve been several fun OKC Thunder videos surfacing lately, some amateur and some professional; some funny and some controversial. Here’s another new one that probably falls into the fun & amateur categories, although very nicely done!

“Thunder Your Butts Off” Gets Thunder Employee’s Butt Fired?

Thunder fired employee for Thunder Your Butts Off video

According to ProBasketballTalk, a Thunder employee just got fired for publishing this video: Here at ShowMeOKC, we’re HUGE fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and while this video may not be the most remarkable production we’ve seen, we can certainly appreciate the passion these guys showed in putting it together. So, why would the one […]

The Devon Tower Built in 93 Seconds

OKC Devon Tower construction

One of the things that brings me great joy is watching as great local peeps document a lot of the coolness happening in Oklahoma City. This video, highlighting the construction of the Devon Tower in time-lapse style, is an incredible example:

What’s it Like Living in Downtown OKC?

oklahoma city downtown housing

Just the other day, I posted up a video highlighting the most expensive home in downtown Oklahoma City, but you know there are more affordable options, right? My video guy and I recently (just a few weeks ago) had a discussion about creating an amazing video showing off what it’s really like to live in […]

Hip-hop Showing OKC the Love

OKC Hip-hop music

I love it when someone puts great sound and great video together to show off our city, like the “Where We’ve Been (Where We’re Goin’)” video we shared a while back. And there’s nothing better than a new twist. Check out the latest and greatest, and the only hip-hop version I’m aware of, which I […]

Chesapeake Energy Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights in Oklahoma City

There’s a light display in town that has quickly become one of the most-anticipated must-sees of the annual Christmas season. You know what I’m talking about; it’s the Chesapeake Energy campus located at NW 63rd & Western. If you haven’t made the trip yet this year, you’d better hurry… There are only a few days […]

OKC, It’s Been a Pretty Good Year

OKC economy

One of my favorite pastimes is showing off the awesomeness that is the Oklahoma City metro, but I’m not talented enough to pull off something like this. I’ll leave it to people who were gifted with a voice that doesn’t make wildlife run & hide. But I’d have to agree, “We haven’t peaked yet… the […]

Surprise! You've Got Roof Damage

I did today’s video blog from a great home we have for sale in the Lone Oak Ridge addition of Deer Creek/Edmond, about a problem that could be awaiting the home sellers in the Oklahoma City metro and how to handle it. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below, or feel free to […]