Two-Wheeled Tours of Downtown OKC! HOW COOL?!

You all know how much we at the ShowMeOKC Team LOVE this city, and we’re kind of geeks about learning all we can about it. On top of that, we LOVE to see new concepts, so few things might get us ramped up more than a Two-Wheeled Tour of Oklahoma City! Big thanks to Downtown […]

Guest Post by @TerryStorch: Edmond Bicycle Master Plan

Terry Storch is one of the most involved, plugged-in local cyclists I know, so I asked him to give us some insight on what’s going on with the City of Edmond’s cycling initiatives. Thanks for keeping us informed, Terry! The City of Edmond has been growing and developing nicely since my wife and I moved […]

Bicycle Master Plan Open House Tonight

Public Notice Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Edmond Downtown Community Center Room 107 – Banquet Hall 28 E. Main, Edmond, OK ******PUBLIC NOTICE****** The City of Edmond invites you to participate in the second Bicycle Master Plan Open House. The Plan identifies opportunities for development of a city-wide, connected and safe bicycle facility […]

The Arcadia Lake Trail Project – Your Thoughts?

From what I hear, the Edmond City Council meeting this evening will address several bike-friendly measures which are being met with a great deal of anticipation. While I couldn’t be there myself, I look forward to hearing more about this overdue movement, and am sure I will, as many of my friends are heavy into […]