Oklahoma City, Most Business-Friendly

The list of lists giving Oklahoma City glowing reviews just keeps growing, for good reason of course. Did you know that OKC just topped CNNMoney’s list of most business-friendly cities? One of the more important improvements we’ve seen in our local economy – in my opinion – as a result of the city’s rebirth was […]

Oklahoma Ranks High for Business Climate

One of the many benefits of a strong local government and the growth that Oklahoma City has experienced over the past decade or so is a strengthening business climate, as was recently highlighted in Site Selection Magazine, where our great state was ranked 13th out of 50. That’s quite a jump ahead of last year’s […]

Oklahoma Climbs the Ladder

One of the big pushes we continually see around here is the push to improve the business climate in Oklahoma City (as should be the case in any forward-thinking city). With that in mind, I’m sure the local business leaders and OKC Chamber enjoyed seeing that Oklahoma has made a substantial jump up the ladder […]