OKC, One of the Best Cities for Starting Over

The strength of the Oklahoma City economy, and the combination of solid incomes, low cost-of-living, and low unemployment rates continue to get our great city noticed, but did you know that these, plus a couple of other factors, put us in the Top 25 of Best Cities for Starting Over? Sometimes, especially in a tough […]

Kudos Abound for Oklahoma City

We love to share the positive points of living in Oklahoma, economic news included, but lately it’s become difficult to keep up… I must have 30 webpages bookmarked right now! How about I just wrap a few of them together here, to make it easier for you to brag to your out-of-state friends: The Wall […]

Some Say Edmond Is Expensive

…but you know, ‘some’ are just plain wrong. Below-average cost-of-living is no new topic here, but I’m certainly not going to miss out on an opportunity to brag a little bit more: According to the latest Cost of Living Index by ACCRA, Edmond’s first quarter cost of living index ranks 10.1 percent below the national […]

Edmond Bests it's Better

Progress is always nice, but seeing progress in this direction is just plain exciting!  According to the latest ACCRA Cost of Living Index by C2ER, Edmond Oklahoma’s cost of living is not only lower than the national average, it’s actually lower than it was this time last year. Edmond ranked below the national average in […]

Oklahoma City Salaries Rank in the Top 10

According to Salary.com, Oklahoma City ranks 9th in Salary value.  This is no surprise to me, having lived in central OK all of my life, and being witness to several friends and family moving to ‘major cities to make the big bucks.’ Lower cost of living means more money left at the end of the week, […]

Edmond's Cost of Living – Well Below Average

The thing I hear that’s most surprising to families who relocate to Edmond is how affordable everything is, in comparison to what they’re used to. According to a new OKCBusiness.com article, Edmond’s annual cost of living is 11.4% percent lower than the national average.  Just another of many factors that make Edmond a great place to […]