#okcW3 – Historic Film Row of Downtown Oklahoma City

We had a lot of fun digging in to research and create the latest okcW3 video, highlighting a groovy little district of town that many folks don’t seem to know much about. Check it…

Two-Wheeled Tours of Downtown OKC! HOW COOL?!

You all know how much we at the ShowMeOKC Team LOVE this city, and we’re kind of geeks about learning all we can about it. On top of that, we LOVE to see new concepts, so few things might get us ramped up more than a Two-Wheeled Tour of Oklahoma City! Big thanks to Downtown […]

Continental Resources Moves to OKC – One Step Closer

We told you a year ago about Continental Resources’ plans to relocate their headquarters to Downtown Oklahoma City, and it’s finally actually happening. I don’t think you can get much more official than the sign being hoisted, and now we’re ready to meet & greet the great employees of Continental Resources, as they make their […]

What’s it Like Living in Downtown OKC?

Just the other day, I posted up a video highlighting the most expensive home in downtown Oklahoma City, but you know there are more affordable options, right? My video guy and I recently (just a few weeks ago) had a discussion about creating an amazing video showing off what it’s really like to live in […]

Take a Peek at OKC’s Priciest Downtown Home

With all of the development that’s taken place in downtown Oklahoma City the past few years, our eyes are being opened to homes that we’ve never experienced in this region before, so why not take a look at one of only 5 penthouse condos in OKC, and the only one downtown? Here’s the penthouse at […]

Random Downtown OKC Coolness

I love it when I stumble across a talented somebody’s random collection of shots around our awesome metro area, so this one was a nice surprise. Check out Garret Evans‘ recent finds of both shiny and dull around Downtown Oklahoma City:

Oklahoma City Welcomes Continental Resources

Welcoming new people to the Oklahoma City area is nothing new to us, and with several recent announcements of Boeing moving a few divisions to Oklahoma City, we’ve gotten a lot of practice lately. Everyone knows how much we love showing off our city. To that end, we’re thrilled to now get to welcome the […]

History of Oklahoma City Sheraton Hotel

It’s always interesting to hear about the history of our city, especially from those with firsthand experience/knowledge, like Steve Lackmeyer. In a recent article, he highlighted his memories of Oklahoma City’s Sheraton Hotel: My sister and I had the run of the hotel that first week of January 1977. We were just kids — our […]

Automobile Alley Pre-Urban Renewal

With all of the changes that have taken place in Downtown Oklahoma City over the past decade, not to mention the past 70 years, it’s easy to let your imagination lead you down the path of wondering what it was like before our time. That’s why I enjoy articles, pictures, videos, and memorabilia that document […]