Price Your Home Correctly – I DARE YOU!

Meeting with home sellers in the Edmond and Oklahoma city area almost daily, I have a lot of long discussions about overpriced listings. I even have this discussion with A LOT of local agents, whether seasoned veterans, or newbies. Why is this such a frequent topic? Well, it’s simple… Overpricing a home is absolutely the […]

The Bi-Polar Side of Home Pricing

As indicated by the frequency of my ramblings on the topic, proper home pricing is one of my largest hurdles when meeting with hopeful home-sellers. Common sense tells me that will never change, but I feel that helping those who want to buy or sell homes in Edmond better understand the market is not only […]

Who Determines a Home's Value?

You’ll hear this one debated a lot, but your opinion will usually depend on which side of the transaction you’re on. If you’ve been around here much, you’ve seen a few of my rants on overpriced listings, and I’m not the only one. Richard Mize, Real Estate Editor at the Oklahoman, published a nice piece […]

Seminole Pointe – A How-to on Pricing Analysis

When analyzing whether a home for sale is priced properly or not, there are several factors to evaluate. First, and most obviously, what’s been selling in the neighborhood, and for how much? I’ll use the Seminole Pointe addition of Edmond, located at NW 164th & May as an example: As you can see here, the […]

Overpriced Listings – The BIG Picture

Yesterday I posted about the ill effects of overpricing your home for sale, and I have no doubt that I could never address this topic enough. It’s an ongoing problem that we’ll never be fully rid of, but I hope that by sharing my thoughts on it, I may be able to help a few […]

The Psychology of Pricing Your Home

One of the keys to successfully selling your home is to have small, hard-to-explain advantages over your competition.  Many times, these advantages are one or two unique features, a bit more cleanliness, a slightly more attractive home-site, or just a tad more curb appeal. Other times though, that advantage may be something mental, rather than […]