Home Staging Tips for the DIY Crowd

No one can get your home ready for the masses quite like a professional home stager, but we realize that the term itself, let alone the concept, is still relatively new to many Oklahomans. If your Realtor is not purchasing the time of a Home Stager for you and it isn’t within your budget to […]

A Staged Home: Before and After

Every home I stage has its own unique situation. Some people continue to reside in a home until it sells. Some move out before it has even been listed. Some homes have enough clutter and memories to fill up eight PODS in one week (true story). On the flip side are those dwellings that have very little […]

What To Look For In a Home Stager

This concept of allowing total strangers into your home to handle your personal belongings AND tell you what is good enough for other people’s viewing pleasure can be daunting. As with hiring any professional to work in your home, trust is a must! I have created a brief checklist of things to look for in […]

"So What Can a Home Stager Do For Me?"

So, you’re hearing more and more about how beneficial home staging is. You’re wondering “what can a home stager do that I can’t do myself?” An experienced, professional home stager can do wonders to get your home from “listed” to “sold!” in record time. Here are some of the things a good home stager should […]

Selling Emotions by Jennifer Hicks, C.I.D.

When your home is on the market, you’re selling more than walls and floors. You’re selling emotions. You are hoping that someone walks through your door and says, “This feels right”. Much of what designers, Realtors and stagers do is based on their clients’ emotions- what they’re feeling. We choose blue walls in the bedroom […]