Private-sector jobs gains in 2011 – Guess Who’s in the Top 10

More great news about OKC’s job market. According to The Business Journals, Oklahoma City saw substantial private-sector job growth in 2011, ranking 7th best in the US!

OKC “Real Estate Is Ripe For A Rebound”

Once again, our wonderful Oklahoma City metro is being trumpeted by as one of the top 10 in the realm of real estate and, again, this comes as no surprise to me, being that I live & breathe real estate in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and throughout the metro. These types of stories do seem […]

Boeing Moves More Jobs to OKC

More exciting news for the Oklahoma City economy, as Boeing announces that they’ll be moving more well-paid employees here from Wichita Kansas, by late 2013!

Kudos Abound for Oklahoma City

We love to share the positive points of living in Oklahoma, economic news included, but lately it’s become difficult to keep up… I must have 30 webpages bookmarked right now! How about I just wrap a few of them together here, to make it easier for you to brag to your out-of-state friends: The Wall […]

Oklahoma City Makes Forbes List of Best Places for Business and Careers

While growing up around here, I often heard the talk of how none of the good jobs were in Oklahoma. Over time, I came to realize that was a stereotype strongly held by many. Is it that things have changed that much, or that the stereotypes are just false? Forbes seems to think Oklahoma City […]