The Demise of Granite

It’s funny. At the first of the past several (at least 5) years, I’ve seen articles claiming that granite is “out.” Yet here we are in 2014 with no substantial change in the marketplace. While I do believe that there will eventually be a bigger, better countertop option to replace the popularity of granite, I’m […]

Induction, The Future of Cooking with Roger Shollmier

Saving money on the utility bills is always welcomed in our home, and cooking is one of my wife’s favorite things, so sitting down with Roger Shollmier recently, and talking about how he cooks was a pleasure. When it comes to cooking quicker and more efficiently, Induction Cooking may be the way to go. Find […]

The Galley Sink by Roger Shollmier

Last week, you got to see a great video about useful, functional kitchen design concepts, but wait until you see the Galley Sink. This hot new sink will blow your mind with ideas of how efficient and useful your kitchen space could actually be. Imagine having a huge sink that you can prep, cook, clean, […]

Let’s Talk Kitchen Design With Roger Shollmier

As an active listing Realtor, I’m constantly reminded of just how important the kitchen is to a home’s value. Afterall, it has become THE most popular room in the home, and the hub of the family’s living. I recently had the chance to visit with Roger Shollmier, owner of and creator of the Galley […]

The Galley Sink – The Next Big Thing?

With trends in housing design and amenities constantly evolving, it’s sometimes fun to guess what might be the next big item. A friend of mine recently turned me on to The Galley Sink by Shollmier, which seems to me to be a pretty cool, functional addition to any cook’s kitchen. Take a look and let […]