Don’t Let Those Wacky Weeds Choke Out Your Sale!

As I was driving around town this afternoon, checking in on a few of my vacant listings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a cartoon from my childhood. I don’t know why this particular cartoon has stuck in my memory for all these years, but it has nonetheless. Yes, it’s that time of year […]

Home Maintenance #10 – Rake or Blow Leaves

It’s likely that you, like many, don’t think of raking and blowing leaves as home maintenance, but around here all but the hardiest of leaves have left their branches and created unsightly, and potentially damaging, piles of waste up against your foundation. These piles can cause you problems down the road because they increase the […]

Making Your Lawn Happy and Ready for Spring

With Spring being ever so close, I’ve begun thinking about what to do for my lawn. Currently, it looks pretty sad. The house at the end of my street appears to be in full bloom with lots of bright yellow daffodils and a green lawn greeting me as I turn onto my street. I might […]