OKC on Bloomberg: Using Sports to Hasten Quality of Life

OKC MAPS on Bloomberg

By now, we all know the impact that the MAPS projects have had on our local economy and our quality of life and there’s no doubt that the continued MAPS projects keep moving us forward, but have you ever thought about how much credit our now-beloved Oklahoma City Thunder deserve for sustaining that positive momentum, […]

Welcoming Visitors with “THUNDER UP”

Oklahoma City Thunder lawn mowed

Earlier in the week, one of our awesome clients posted a picture of her neighbor’s yard in Quail Creek, showing their pride in our Oklahoma City Thunder. Not all that surprisingly, that pic was shared all over Facebook, and was one of our most popular (shared) posts of all time. You can see why: Just […]

Call Him KD – Music Video

Music Parody Video of Kevin Durant

More love for our Oklahoma City Thunder’s superstar, Kevin Durant! Pretty solid writing.

Only a Few Hours Away – Get Your Blood Pumping!

2012 NBA Western Conference Champions

I think it’s safe to say that productivity in the Oklahoma City metro is pretty low this afternoon, with out first NBA Finals appearance only a few hours away. Just to help with that movement, I thought I’d share a quick reminder of just how much our beloved boys in blue have overcome during the […]

Way More than OK: Respect from San Antonio

Bricktown Canal

During the playoffs, it’s easy (too easy) to get caught up in trash talk about teams, fans, facilities, and cities, so it’s nice to see a writer who looks deeper and enlightens others. As a life-long Okie, it’s even nicer to see the recognition that our great city gets for being a progressive leader in […]

Beard Like Harden Parody

Beard Like Harden Youtube video

There’ve been several fun OKC Thunder videos surfacing lately, some amateur and some professional; some funny and some controversial. Here’s another new one that probably falls into the fun & amateur categories, although very nicely done!

KD & Harden Take a Supermodel to Work

Kevin Durant & James Harden

Just in case you missed it when it dropped last week, KD & The Beard recently learned to Thunder Upton! We got a few chuckles from this one.

Kevin Durant Finishes… Again

Oklahoma City Thunder Playoffs

If there’s anything that’ll make me jump off the couch & wake the neighbors, it’s KD’s clutch, game-winning shots. Saturday night’s starting 1st Round game against the Mavs was no exception, and I’m sure I woke at least a few people, not including my kids. Thunder Up!

“Thunder Your Butts Off” Gets Thunder Employee’s Butt Fired?

Thunder fired employee for Thunder Your Butts Off video

According to ProBasketballTalk, a Thunder employee just got fired for publishing this video: Here at ShowMeOKC, we’re HUGE fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and while this video may not be the most remarkable production we’ve seen, we can certainly appreciate the passion these guys showed in putting it together. So, why would the one […]

@KDTrey5 – KD Reps OKC on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel and KD from OKC Thunder

It’s no wonder we in Oklahoma City love KD so much… He’s an amazing representation of what we’re about here in OKC, and he’s got no problem making people laugh. His love for the city is obvious, and it’s nice to see him show such class everywhere he goes. Thanks for being you, KD!