@KDTrey5 – KD Reps OKC on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s no wonder we in Oklahoma City love KD so much… He’s an amazing representation of what we’re about here in OKC, and he’s got no problem making people laugh. His love for the city is obvious, and it’s nice to see him show such class everywhere he goes. Thanks for being you, KD!  

KD’s Game-winner, from Mom’s Perspective

My wife and I were blessed to be at the Oklahoma City Thunder game versus the Dallas Mavericks Thursday night, celebrating a great friend’s birthday, and it’s not even possible for me to put into words how electric the environment was when KD hit the game-winning shot on an inbound pass with just 1.4 seconds […]

Outside the Lines – Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City was recently featured on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and for anyone who’s been around here for very long, it’s hard to even watch without getting choked up. They did an outstanding job of capturing two of the most emotion-invoking things going on in Oklahoma in recent years; The Oklahoma City bombing and the […]

OKC Through Bradley’s Eyes

As you may or may not realize, this entire website is built around my passion for the city I call home, so I get really excited when I meet other people who share that passion. What’s even more exciting is hearing from people outside of our little bubble, who see something here that sparks their […]

Jobs Following People? -CNN Visits OKC

Tom Foreman of CNN did a great job of summing up the source of the energy behind Oklahoma City, and the goal of all of the transformation. What do you think? Can this transformation of our city create jobs and keep things growing, or is it already?

Rumble Gives Ellen the Finger

Gotta love the Oklahoma hottie, Kristin Chenoweth, and our buddy Rumble showing up on the Ellen Show! Ellen, of course, is no stranger to Oklahoma talent, and now she’s got enough Oklahoma City Thunder gear to show us the love in grand fashion.

Kevin Durant Buzzer-Beater

We Oklahoma City Thunder fans got a real last-second treat tonight, hand-delivered by the great Kevin Durant. Check out how KD insured that overtime wouldn’t be necessary:

Mayor Cornett Gets Worldwide Props

At the head of any great organization, business, corporation, town, city or state, you can expect to find someone great steering the ship and, while I appreciate his humility in this article, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is more-than-deserving of the accolades he recently received as Second Best Mayor in the World. “It’s more embarrassing […]

It’s Official!

Just announced (or confirmed)… The name for our new NBA team is the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER! Welcome to the the big leagues OKC!!! Sent on the fly from my mobile phone Ryan Hukill Hukill Group – Paradigm Realty 405.802.4663 www.ImagineLivingHere.com

Oklahoma City Thunder?

I’m hearing this will be the name… any thoughts?