As expected, @JeffClickHomes has done it up BIG for the @ParadeHomesOKC – Here’s your #sneakpreview

Each year, we get the opportunity to see our local builders show off what they can do in a way that they don’t normally get to for most clients, and this year will be no different. However, there are a select handful of builders in town that we know will always take it BEYOND the […]

Faves from 2011 Parade of Homes – The Wrap-up

Well, things are so busy around here that we didn’t get to go see as many of the 2011 Parade Homes as we’d have liked, but the ones we did see were amazing! Hopefully you got to check out our favorite galleries last week, but now it’s time to wrap it up and show you […]

Faves from 2011 Parade of Homes – Part III

As you’ve seen in the past few days’ posts about the 2011 OKC Parade of Homes, we’ve seen some great stuff so far, and yesterday was no exception. In fact, we got a little spoiled yesterday, seeing 3 of the best all in a row. We’ll post up all of the pics at the end […]

Faves from 2011 Parade of Homes – Part II

You probably noticed in yesterday’s summary of what we saw, when perusing Parade Homes Monday, that we look at more than just the pretty stuff. We really enjoy seeing great function and useful features, such as energy-efficient upgrades, although the pretty stuff definitely gets our attention. Here are a few of our favorites from yesterday’s […]

Faves from 2011 Parade of Homes – Part I

The 2011 Parade of Homes is in full swing and there’s a ton of great stuff out there to see. If we tried to show you everything we loved, we’d be posting pictures here for weeks, so instead we’re just going to show you a few each day for now. Here are a few of […]

Christmas Is Almost Over!

Sorry to confuse.. I, of course, was referring to Christmas for the house-junkies, more commonly known as The Parade of Homes. Only today and tomorrow remain for those of us who can’t get enough of touring the new homes available throughout the metro area, so get out and enjoy what promises to be a beautiful […]

Get Out and Appreciate ‘The Parade’

It’s amazing how many people I know who really look forward to the annual Parade of Homes, almost like they look forward to Christmas. Whether it’s to enjoy the homes or pick up some decor tips, they REALLY get into this time of year! Having lived in Oklahoma my whole life, it’s easy to take […]

It's 'Parade of Homes' Time!!

Whether you’re a house-junkie like me, a casual looker, or a serious buyer in the market for a new home, the next couple of weeks are designed just for you! Get out and enjoy the hard work our local builders have put into designing, building, and furnishing their showcase homes for this year’s Parade of […]

Posh Parade Preview

posh –adjective sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious; smart and fashionable My wife and I were among a lucky entourage who spent last evening witnessing style, uniqueness, and technology, all wrapped up in a modern bow, and let me tell you, if you don’t take the time to experience Jeff Click Homes’ entry in the 2008 Parade of Homes, […]