Out & About: @PaseoGrill

Paseo Grill was certainly not what I expected. Being in the Paseo district and having such a simple, casual-sounding name, I was picturing a small artsy cafe or something of the like. Paseo Grill turned out to be far more upscale than I had been imagining. Dim lighting, high booths that give a very private […]

History of OKC's Paseo District

We told you a little while back about the Paseo District’s honors as one of America’s 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2010, but how much do most of us really know about this little jewel within Oklahoma City, especially the history behind it? Well, thanks to NewsOK, we get to share a little bit of that […]

OKC’s Paseo named as one of America’s “10 Great Neighborhoods for 2010”

It’s always fun to see your city recognized on a national level, and we in OKC are no stranger to that these days, but it’s extra-special to see a small, specific area or neighborhood get national recognition as a stand-out. Such is the case with OKC’s popular Paseo District. The American Planning Association named the […]