Homeowners, Were You Overtaxed?

If you own property in Oklahoma County, you’ll want to take note of this one! There’s a big debate centered around the amount being charged for property taxes in OK Co, and they say you only have 20 days to appeal them. If you feel like you might be one of the home owners who […]

Edmond Safety Center Voted Down – Why?

As we all know by now, the citizens of Edmond voted a resounding ‘NO’ to the proposed Edmond Public Safety Center on November 4th.  A recent study was released which evaluates why the proposition failed and, of course, the funding mechanism was the biggest issue, as I predicted it would be. It appears to me […]

'Keep Edmond Safe?'

As election day draws nearer, more and more people are choosing sides on the proposed Public Safety Center in Edmond, which is great. I think this issue has had good press and many people have become very aware of the issues at hand. However, I’ve noticed something over the past week or so that disturbs […]

Your Vote is National AND Local

As Tuesday’s election draws nearer, there’s more and more discussion about how to vote, and why one candidate is better than the other.  The important thing about voting is knowing who/what you’re voting for/against.  Keeping an open dialogue with other people, whether they agree or disagree with your views, is the only way to truly […]

Edmond Property Tax Increase – What Do You Think?

I posted a while back about a proposed property tax increase in Edmond, and will continue to post about this regularly until it comes to a vote before the residents of Edmond. Rumor is that the vote will take place in late July or early August, so mark your calendars now and be sure you […]

Property Taxes in Edmond Increasing??

If you ever want to get the public blood boiling, start proposing tax increases… even better, property tax increases.  That’s what the City of Edmond is doing. This is a topic I could rant about for days, but I’ll try to keep it brief here.  Apparently, the powers that be are proposing a tax hike for […]