Out & About: Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Great onion burgers in Oklahoma CityStrategy meeting/team lunch Wednesday… always a great day! This week we decided to check out the newest location of Tucker’s Onion Burgers on Classen Curve. I haven’t yet gotten to try the original location on NW 23rd so I can’t exactly make a comparison. However, all it took to reel me in was one sip of their homemade strawberry limeade. The single onion burger I ordered wasClassen Curve Restaurants indescribable and the fries were delicious enough to please even @ShowMeOKCdawn, a self described “fry snob”.

If there are still any doubts about how awesome this place is, I’ll let you know a secret…I went back for more the very next day. I took it one step further and ordered the double onion burger the second time around. I’m taking it slow, but I think after a couple more visits I’ll be brave enough to order their famous 1lb. burger, “The Mother Tucker”! I’ll keep you posted on how that works out…

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