Out & About: Uptown Grocery Co.

I stumbled upon Uptown Grocery Co. by accident one day a few months ago while turning around in their parking lot. It was definitely one of the better wrong turns I have made in my life! The outside of the store was very appealing. With large, almost floor to ceiling windows in the front, I could see some of the decor inside and it didn’t look like your average grocery store. I am a big fan of Whole Foods, but, living in Edmond, I don’t want to have to drive down to Classen Curve every time I want some fresh seafood or an already prepared organic treat. Uptown is located on the corner of Kelly and Covell; but location is only one of the great benefits of Uptown.

As a locally owned store, they know what OKC already has to offer, and, more importantly, what it is lacking. Tons of organic options, super fresh sushi, salads made right before your eyes, and a selection of fancy cheeses to satisfy me at my hungriest are all things that were not before easily accessable in OKC. But, a quick trip to Uptown and I can fulfill all my foodie needs.

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