Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback! Is It Right For You?

Just when you thought you were done with it. Just when you have finished scraping and peeling the last of it. Now that you have had the entire house faux finished from top to bottom. Wallpaper is back. And its coming for you. (Cue “Jaws” theme music here.)

Fear not! This isn’t your 90’s “fruits and plaids” paper and the papers of today bring a lot more to the table than grapes. Surprised? No one was more shocked at the selection than this girl. The last time I looked at wallpaper it was for a client’s pre-teen who wanted to look at nothing but purple and blue flowers. Easy enough. But this week my challenge was..well, actually challenging. My mission was to find a wall treatment that complimented the architecture of a 1908 historical home while embracing the modern pieces we would be incorporating. This was an active, younger family and sticking to just one style wasn’t an option. I walked into Ketch Design Center (50th and N. Western Ave, OKC) expecting to find one or two samples worth the client’s time. I was blown away at the selection and the patterns have never been more fun! I found six varieties to take back to the job site and each one had a vibe all its own. Dark and dramatic, metallic and vintage, monochromatic but modern. And Ketch isn’t the only place catching on to the craze (again). Designers all over the world are stepping outside of their traditional rolls and putting their outlandish ideas onto paper- literally. Check out this site, full of oldies-turned-goodies and new modern patterns that would turn even the smallest powder room into the biggest conversation starter.

If you’re like me and crave a look of old-meets-new, try the paint-able wallpapers. Completely textured/embossed, these white papers can take up to 3 coats of paint so you can get the best of both worlds. These are especially ideal for the recreation of tin ceilings. Painted a metallic copper or silver it might be hard to tell the difference once installed!

Not much for the new designs? The throwback collections are for you! Ketch has an entire section of retro wallpapers you thought you would never see again! Their helpful design staff can even recommend wallpaper installers if you’re not in the mood to DIY.

The point is, don’t discard the idea entirely. I won’t put it in every client’s home but it certainly has its place and it can completely transform a room in a way that paint sometimes can’t. Selling your home? Make sure that your wallpaper is neutral, not loud or outdated. Not sure what pattern is right for you? What a coincidence… I know just the designer….

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