We’re Hiring! Who Do You Know?


Are you what some might call a “people person?” Do you love making clients happy, being part of a positive, focused team, and making an office run like a well-oiled machine? Do you jump out of bed each morning, ready to take on the day? The ShowMeOKC team of Paradigm AdvantEdge, led by Ryan Hukill, is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative real estate teams in the OKC metro. In order to maintain the balance and client-love we strive for, we’re looking for a full-time Office Manager to grow with us. If you have a passionate desire to not only survive the week, but to enjoy what you do and be compensated for your hard work, you may be a fit, especially if you’re…

  • All about “client-first service”
  • A STRONG team player
  • A list-maker (Hello, Monica)
  • Not afraid of new technologies
  • A long-term, big-picture thinker
  • Reliable and best under pressure
  • Licensed or soon-to-be-licensed with OREC
  • Comfortable with a base salary plus commission income
  • Committed to constantly adapting and learning to keep up with our ever-changing industry and market

You will be…

  • Working directly with Ryan
  • Part of a progressive team which uses today’s best tools to grow and prosper
  • Taught the most effective means of time-management and relationship-building
  • Encouraged to maintain balance between your personal and professional commitments

You’re ahead of the game if…

  • You have real estate experience
  • You’re Licensed with OREC
  • You’re proficient in Evernote, Dropbox, and Fusion
  • You’re a Mac

If you’re convinced you’re the right person for this position, don’t call us, but do send an email with resume, video or blood sample to [email protected] and convince us. We’ll be gathering these resumes over the next few days and calling to set appointments next week. If you’re NOT convinced you’re the right person for this position, please post this everywhere you can; Facebook, Twitter, Email, wherever. Help us find the perfect person :)

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Ryan Hukill About Ryan Hukill

I'm the founder and creative Firestarter behind the ShowMeOKC Team. I love this great city and all that's going on here, and really love showing it off and helping to break the age-old stereotypes.

I married up, am Dad to 5, friend to many, Lifechurch.tv partner, motorcycle-junkie, OU & OKC Thunder fanatic, and love a great steak, a great cup of coffee, and great techie things.